What we Partner on
A person comparing colour swatches with fabrics
A person comparing colour swatches with fabrics
Brand strategy
Product design
Multiple items of clothing, on hangars, hanging on a rack
Multiple items of clothing, on hangars, hanging on a rack
Local & offshore sourcing
A side shot of hundreds of cardboard boxes in a warehouse
A side shot of hundreds of cardboard boxes in a warehouse
Third Party Logistics
International shipping
Customs clearance
Domestic freight
Outcome Obsessed

We are advocates of accountability. Pioneers of change. We’re always looking for a new angle - driving innovation and leaving no stone unturned.

We hold these values close. They keep us focused and resilient, always moving forward and dedicated to the end goal - levelling up your brand.

We’ve helped launch some of the most rapid growth lines for clients with no prior apparel experience, and we've also helped scale already established brands to dizzying new heights. Wherever your A starts and your B ends, we’ll get you there.

Maximise Results

Without the right support, the road to maximising results, and realising your potential - is long, winding, and expensive. We’ve spent years traveling this road, and with every journey we make less wrong turns, and find more shortcuts.

We’ve assembled a crack team - the best designers, the boldest strategists, and the most exceptional photographers in the business. Combine this team with the highest grade materials, open-me-now packaging, quick and cost effective shipping, and a product that is unique to your market and reflects your brand - you’ve got an apparel line that is built for growth from the ground up.

Mitigate Risk

Anyone who has launched, scaled, or rebranded an apparel line will tell you that there are always inherent risks - well, an owner of any business could tell you that. Apart from having our crack team (see above) on your side, who know the industry inside out and are prepared for any bump along the road - we’ve taken steps to ensure every risk is minimised from the outset.

We only work with suppliers who are pre-vetted. Suppliers that we’ve worked with countless times in the past and have a great relationship with. We know we’ll be able to rely on them to produce fantastic looking, functional garments at a great cost, and deliver them on time.

Everything we can do in-house, we do in-house. This streamlines communication, increases consistency and reduces friction - all important aspects of a successful partnership. Plus, it means if you want to pop in to our new Toronto offices and check out samples, designs, or just to have a chat, you can - don’t forget your mask!